As fully qualified chartered tax advisors, Greally Chartered Certified Accountants & Chartered Tax Advisors can offer clients our considerable expertise on a range of areas related to tax. Our service can include advice on:

  • Corporation Tax

  • Inheritance tax

  • Succession Planning

  • Stamp Duty

  • VAT


  • RCT

  • Income Tax

Corporation Tax

We can assist corporations and limited companies that wish to take advantage of Ireland’s low corporate tax rates.

Stamp Duty

We ensure that all documents related to Stamp duty are filled in a timely, regulatory compliment manner.

Inheritance Tax

Individuals who receive an inheritance are obligated to pay inheritance tax if the benefit exceeds a certain threshold. We help clients avoid the many pitfalls of inheritance tax, making sure they only ever pay their legal obligation and no more.

To schedule an appointment to discuss any aspect of Irish tax law, and how it relates to your business, get in contact with Greally Chartered Certified Accountants & Chartered Tax Advisors today.

Succession Planning

We assist with the oftentimes complex process of succession planning. Ensuring there are watertight strategies in place to deal with the handover of a business or a key role within the business.


RCT tax formally known as C45 returns, applies to the construction sector along with the meat processing industry and forestry. Greally Chartered Certified Accountants & Chartered Tax Advisors ensures that your business is properly meeting its RCT tax obligations.


As chartered tax advisers we can assist clients in all aspects related to VAT. We can help clients settle disputes with the revenue commission or gain clarification on the VAT rate they are expected to pay.


We provide assistance to clients in clarifying their PRSI obligations along with investigating if they qualify for any exemptions.